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О компании
Trinity Events Group is a Russian based organiser of b2b conferences providing business information, contacts and opportunities to the Russian business community. We work across multiple sectors (energy, healthcare, real estate, transport and logistics, financial services, retail, FMCG, telecoms & technology etc) and multiple horizontal functions (CEO, FD, IT, HR, PR etc). It runs 50 events per annum, attracting from 100 to 1000 delegates who are addressed by between 30 and 100 speakers. All events are held in hotels or specialist conference venues in Moscow. Our clients are local Russian businesses, international businesses based in Russia and international businesses looking at breaking into the Russian market. The 50 branded events are operated under 3 branded organising divisions. Infor-media is a general organiser of b2b conferences. BBCG Russia is a specialist organiser of Retail/FMCG b2b conferences. Exposystems is a specialist organiser of TMT (Telco, Media and Tech) b2b conferences. There are 70 employees based in Moscow and in the UK. The principal legal entity which owns the various operating legal entities and all the brands is ZAO Trinity Events Group.