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AMWAY CORPORATION AMWAY CORPORATION is one of the world’s largest selling companies. Amway Corporation was started in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos in USA. Amway products and services are marketed through independent business owners worldwide. Today, Amway is a multibillion-dollar international business representing freedom and opportunity to millions of people in more than 80 countries and territories around the world. We offer over 3 million Business Owners the inspiration to grow those businesses, and we work hard to provide new and better ways for them to achieve their life goals. FOUNDERS' FUNDAMENTALS Amway will always offer HOPE to the individual, will support the fundamental FREEDOM of people to determine their own future, allowing them the time and resources to protect and nurture their FAMILY, and receive REWARD in proportion to their efforts. OUR VISION We work each and every day to Help People Live Better Lives By helping people everywhere to discover their potential and achieve their goals, by offering better products and opportunities for the future, and by sharing generously with the global community. PRODUCT INFORMATION Our exclusive brands together feature more than 450 unique, high-quality products, created to meet the needs and regulations of more than 80 different markets around the world. The product portfolio covers lifestyle needs and can be separated into 2 main focus areas: 1. Family Solutions, which includes every day consumable and family products like Home Care, Personal Care and Family Living areas with the brand names like SA8, LOC, iCOOK, eSPRING. 2. Health and Beauty, which includes all lifestyle products, solutions for skin care, ARTISTRY, cosmetics, health and nutrition with the leading brand NUTRILITE.