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Резюме Project Manager/Consultant, PR-менеджер/политический PR, Public Relations, Реклама, mediajobs.ru
Гражданство: Россия
Желаемая должность и зарплата

Project Manager/Consultant, PR-менеджер/политический PR

80 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 9 лет, 6 месяцев
Апрель 2010 — Март 2011
1 год
Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe (PACE), European Democrat Group, Strasbourg; European Security and Defence Assembly (ESDA), Paris, France

Project Assistant/Intern
Private PA to the Executive Officer, providing technical, translation and interpreting servicing of small-scale meetings and general administrative, logistical & budgetary support to members of Parliament from 23 different countries; Problem solving; Overall coordination, scheduling and management of Assembly-related conferences, workshops and other events; Human rights and political issues research, analytical papers and reports drafting
Июнь 2009 — Июль 2010
1 год, 2 месяца
Expo-Volga Ltd., Exhibition company (full member of UFI), Samara, Russia
Маркетинг, Исследования

Head of Marketing & Communications Department
Strategic planning, development and co-implementation of international conferences and trade fairs in health, food, engineering, oil, gas, construction, education and tourism sectors; Liaising with local & national authorities; international organizations, associations, Media; Representing the company externally; Managing marketing budgets, developing fund-raising strategies; Internet, audio-visual & printed material for campaigns; Tender-organizing; Coordination, promotion and branding of relevant public and media events; Monitoring and evaluating results and impact of activities; analysing public opinion and press; Advising management and departments on appropriate action in order to raise visibility
Январь 2005 — Декабрь 2008
4 года
Reklamnije spetsialisty Ltd., Samara, Russia
Пресса, Онлайн СМИ

Editor-in-Chief of magazines, General Producer, Owner
Project concept drafting, content editing on a daily basis; Setting editorial policy and providing the vision and leadership to the team of 30 employees; Selection and supervision of staff; Co-operation with the Board of Directors, the journalists, contributors and printers; fostering strong relationships with partners, investors and clients; Maintaining the production time line, the high quality and integrity of the edition; Key role in company reorganization and re-branding; improving innovative marketing strategies, launching advertising/marketing campaigns; supervision of a design of the new logo/image and promotional events which led to increased market share and profit;
Январь 2008 — Апрель 2008
4 месяца
Motor-Press International GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Пресса, Онлайн СМИ

Project Assistant, Russian Publishing Market Expert
Analysis of financial documentation; Market research; International M&A project support
Октябрь 1999 — Ноябрь 2002
3 года, 2 месяца
All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Regional representation, Samara, Russia
Телевидение, PAY TV

Journalist, Editor
Working in a variety of genres including news, legal, political & judicial affairs analytic; Political image making (during regional election campaigns); Evaluating information to determine compliance with laws, regulations, standards; Networking with local and national authorities, NGOs, private sector, constituency (PR role); Ability to work under pressure and meet all deadlines
Январь 1997 — Июнь 1997
6 месяцев
Aviakor – Samara Aviation Plant, Russia

Legal Consultant
Analysis of legal documentation, contracts drafting; Staff consultancy on legal issues
Carl Duisberg Centren gemeinnuetzige GmbH, K?ln, Germany
Management, Leadership, Change management, International project management
Повышение квалификации, курсы
Carl Duisberg Centren gemeinnuetzige GmbH, K?ln, Germany
Manager’s Training Programme of the European Union TACIS (ENPI)
специальность: Management, Leadership, Change management, International project management
Знание иностранных языков
Свободный, устный и письменный
Базовые знания
Базовые знания
Профессиональные навыки
MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
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