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Резюме Директор по (тактическому) маркетингу/Director on Marketing, Менеджер по маркетингу/ Marketing manager, Маркетинг, Исследования, mediajobs.ru
Желаемая должность и зарплата

Директор по (тактическому) маркетингу/Director on Marketing, Менеджер по маркетингу/ Marketing manager

50 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 2 года, 10 месяцев
Декабрь 2009 — Май 2010
6 месяцев
Marussia Motors

The Head of a direction of department of supply.
Working out of technical projects under new under construction capacities, buildings, constructions, technologies. Searching and optimisation of high technologies, materials and the equipment. Optimisation of warehouse and transport logistics, introduction WRM and systems of address storage, snabzhenchesko-purchasing activity on the commodity segment, training of the industrial personnel of technology of mechanical engineering, the control of the warehouse personnel.
Март 2009 — Август 2009
6 месяцев
Watch company

The Head of department of development
Interior watch desktop, floor and meteodevices, accessories, souvenirs. Optimisation of process of purchases and the account of the goods in new directions in the companies, the decision of a complex of problems on advancement on the market of Russia of two new brands interior watch: the Internet trade, an exit on the adjacent markets, formation of new algorithms of search of partners. Development of a client DB. Optimisation of transport logistics.
Май 2007 — Февраль 2009
1 год, 10 месяцев
Industrial-trading Holding

The Head of group of foreign trade activities of department
The management of group of managers entered into my duties on supply, negotiation, the analysis of concluded contracts (a condition, the price, technical characteristics, formation of groups of suppliers from Russia, Europe and South East Asia, tactical and strategic planning of processes of deliveries, monitoring of the market of suppliers and a diversification of algorithms of purchasing), the control of transport and warehouse logistics on commodity groups (terms, assortment: electric motors, cable production, passive both active electricity and electroadjusting products, the writing goods and household goods АВВ, Siemens, Legrand, IEK, Viko, ЭКФ, ДКС, Rittall, МПО "Wiring", Iceberg, Komus, the water Formula, the World of ware and many other things), the control of work of a warehouse (the interaction organisation between divisions: Commercial and industrial warehouses, interaction with remote warehouses)‚ introduction WRM and systems of address storage, warehouse and transport logistics‚ storage‚ the account‚ the control over reception (the organisation reception of the goods from suppliers‚ contracts‚ certificates) and goods shipment‚ management of warehouse stocks‚ a management of carrying out of inventories‚ work with claims‚ processing приходной - the account documentation‚ the reporting‚ a management, training and the personnel control, construction, working off and the control of logistical schemes, planning and execution of budgets. Warehouses-10000 m2, the personnel-130 the people
Саратовский Государсвенный Университет
Инженер физик
Marketing Centrum , Euriope
Знание иностранных языков
Профессиональные навыки
PC: the certificate of user ECDL, the pocket of Microsoft Office, browsers and e-mail clients Internet, 1C, Axapta, BEST, the area of Navison
Дополнительная информация, личные качества
You can find in my person simultaneously the expert in the field of sales and purchases, skilled логиста with knowledge of packages of the international financial documents, Incomterms international legislation, the manager, capable to generate and rally a command of professionals, I have fundamental knowledge in area of teambuilding and leaderships, anti-recessionary management and conflictology, communication management, management of human resources and motivation of the personnel, start of projects with "0" In summary I wish to notice that knowledge of the general laws of the market and business, more than fifteen-year experience of commercial activity (construction marketing and distributor networks, work with retailers, construction of a retail trading network of firm, the organisation of manufacture of furniture, the equipment, technical accessories, ТНП, polygraphic manufacture, the organisation of branches in Russia and abroad, management of warehouse and transport logistics, media planning, working out, carrying out and an estimation of efficiency of the advertising companies), business activity, ability to work with intellectual and information resources allow to consider itself as the expert in area crisis communications and successful start up the manager.
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