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Резюме Управляющий, Директор по маркетингу, Директор по развитию бизнеса, Директор по стратегическому маркетингу /Director on Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Реклама, Маркетинг, Исследования, mediajobs.ru
(02 октября 1970)
Желаемая должность и зарплата

Управляющий, Директор по маркетингу, Директор по развитию бизнеса, Директор по стратегическому маркетингу /Director on Strategic Marketing

200 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 9 лет, 6 месяцев
Июнь 2011 — Ноябрь 2011
6 месяцев
Galakta, Moscow, Russia

External Project manager
Galakta - producer (10 –th place among all Russian producers) and distributor of different brands of vodka. in Russia My role was creating a new brand of vodka in new segment into a russian market: - preparing strategy for development of the company into a new segments of vodka - analyses of the market and its potential - preparing and conducting necessary consumer research together with professional research agency - preparing unique marketing positioning of new brand together with creative agencies (based on results of the research and own experiences) - creating label and design of the bottle together with graphics - setting main marketing and sales goals - creating and implementing all aspects of ATL (PR, internet and sponsoring) and BTL activity
Декабрь 2009 — Июнь 2011
1 год, 7 месяцев
Business Trading,, Russia, Moscow (FMCG)

General Manager
Company operates in the FMCG industry and is focused on introduction new and unique products under its own brand into Russian market. - creating a strategy for development of the company - creating brand new concepts - implementation and support of the concept with adequate marketing and sales tools - Smooth, every day operations Major achievements: - Successful implementation two new brands on the market: one in snack category – WASHI (peanuts and peas), second in beverage category – BLACK POWER (energy drinks) - monthly sales on the level - 50 ths. Euro
Декабрь 1998 — Июнь 2005
6 лет, 7 месяцев
HOOP S.A. – Warsaw, Poland and MEGAPACK – Russia

Marketing Director
Company Hoop S.A. - third largest producer of soft drink in Poland with very wide spectrum of product in each categories - setting of the main marketing goals for each brands (short and long term), - analysis of main data about competition and trends on the market, - optimization range of our products (flavors, packaging, labels etc.), - financial analysis and control all the marketing budgets and especially budget for launching new products - creating and implementing all aspects of ATL and BTL activity (TV, radio, sponsoring, press, promotional activity plan - trade marketing activities) including category management, local and nation-wide actions etc) - ensuring and utilizing the necessary tools (budget and materials) to realize objectives - Management of over ten employees in structure of my Department, making sure they are adequately motivated to deliver on established targets - Cooperation and effective management with external marketing agency and other companies - Launching and brand positioning of Arctic water and HOOP soft drinks into the Russian market Major achievements: - successfully launched new brand in water segment – ARCITC - after three years - number 3 on the market with very good perspective to be no.2 within next two years – with very good results on the consumer level (last one - all campaign with Cindy Crawford). The Cindy Crawford campaign has achieved the status of the most effective marketing campaign conducted by the local company in the market and the largest one (with respect to the media reach and budget) in the history of Polish marketing. - the company has achieved market share in Poland on the level as a one of our main competitors – Pepsi Cola in the end of 2003 with very positive tendency, especially in the most important segment – Cola flavor with more then 10% market share (as an effect of many spectacular marketing campaigns with the last big one - Lord Of the Rings) - successful launch many of new product into the market (for example brand SHREK or HOOPEK – for children or HOOP still beverages) which had very big influence on financial results of the company - big success Arctic water and HOOP brand on the Russian market based on well-crafted marketing strategy focusing on Moscow area and some Regions. Effect – fourth brand awareness in the market in year 2004, very high purpose of buying, increased level of distribution etc - also due to my effective work total turnover of the HOOP company has increased from 20 millions Euro from year 1998 to 60 millions Euro in year 2005
Январь 1998 — Декабрь 1998
1 год
Unilever Poland, Warsaw

Trade Marketing Manager - Tea & RTD
- preparation and execution of all trade marketing activities (based on my data analysis of Unilever’s competitors) for main two distribution channels (Key Accounts and Traditional Trade) for such brands like Lipton Yellow Label, Brooke Bond, Saga, Lipton Ice Tea and LiptonIce - finding and utilization the most effective tools (promotions, POS materials, etc.) for all level of sales from main distributors, subwholesalers, retailers and to the end - consumer in the shop to increase sales. - involving in developing projects such as category management and space management for wide portfolio of all brands. Major achievements: - effective BTL plans for all category as well as each brand - participation in creation of category management programs
Institute of International Marketing
Unilever, United Kingdom
Marketing and sales consultancy
Повышение квалификации, курсы
Institute of International Marketing
Trade Mark Managing
Unilever, United Kingdom
Tea Fundation Course
специальность: Marketing and sales consultancy
Знание иностранных языков
Свободный, устный и письменный
Знание профессиональных терминов
Свободный, устный и письменный
Профессиональные навыки
- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) - all professional layouts for managing in the field of marketing
Дополнительная информация, личные качества
- Driving licences cat. B
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