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Резюме Media distribution manager, Телевидение, PAY TV, Production: Кино, ТВ, Web, mediajobs.ru
(04 октября 1988)
Пол: Женский
Гражданство: Россия
Желаемая должность и зарплата

Media distribution manager

55 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 3 года, 3 месяца
Март 2014 — Сентябрь 2014
7 месяцев
LLC Paradise Distribution Company
Production: Кино, ТВ, Web

Film Distribution Manager
Main responsibilities: • Film distribution and sales in Moscow and Moscow region (liaising with cinema booking management - more than 100 contacts overall, keeping booking record, daily reporting to management (real-time and estimated number of copies and screenings), obtaining and distributing information relevant to film releases (running time and rating, distribution certificate number, promo, etc.), handling logistics issues (delivery of film copies and digital keys), contact database update); • Film distribution and sales in CIS countries (liaising with cinema booking management - 40 contacts overall, keeping booking record, handling logistics issues (delivery of film copies and digital keys), contract flow, box office reporting, payment control, contact database update); • Liaising with key b2b and g2b sources (dcp24.ru, ekinobilet.ru, kinometro.ru): updating release schedule and communicating information relevant to film releases (running time and rating, distribution certificate number, promo, etc.); • Liaising with industry key state bodies (the State Cinema Commitеe, National Film Foundation): film certification process monitoring (revising initial document package, state duty payment control, database update), film deposition process monitoring (document preparation, obtaining certificate hard copies, database update). Accomplishments: • Optimization of work processes, i.e. in communication (classification of contacts, creating separate e-contact groups and e-templates) and booking record (forming one general list of cinemas, automatic count of copies and screenings), thus allowing to perform twice as fast; • Preparing work manuals for document flow, e-newsletters and communication with state bodies; • Retrieving data base of over 200 film certificates.
Май 2011 — Декабрь 2013
2 года, 8 месяцев
Philips Electronics


Sales Support Specialist
April 2013 - December 2013 Sales Support Specialist Main responsibilities: • Implementation and support of IT solutions and customer-related systems for Sales Back Office; • Development and implementation of working instructions and procedures for Sales Back Office and adjacent work processes; • Coordination and support of main work department processes (control of working tools efficiency and data accuracy); • Regular reporting on departmental key performance indicators (consolidating and visualizing data) for the Sales Back Office Lead; • Developing presentations to illustrate Sales Back Office work processes and KPIs, support to the Sales Back Office Lead in organizing and leading intersector meetings to improve communication and understanding of departmental work processes; • Involvement in hiring process (participation in interviews, candidate evaluation). Accomplishments: • Successful implementation of new document management system for all intersector departments: estimating system capabilities, defining key system functions and developing local structure template, testing and kick-off, user trainings); • Participation in new customer relationship management (CRM) system rollout (defining key functions of Sales Back Office, user trainings, promotion and support to all departments within sector (as a Champion)). • Successful implementation of procedures for departmental work processes; • Throughout the time at the company worked my way up from Administrative Assistant to Sales Support Specialist, showing good results and earning high recommendations from Senior Management. May 2011 - March 2013 Admin Assistant Responsibilities: • Commercial contract flow support (coordination, control of signing and delivery, archiving); • Partner screening (Due Diligence) flow support (document package preparation, screening kick-off and stage control, reporting); • External communication with partners (regular contact info updates, regular newsletters about changes in commercial department processes); • Commercial request and tender documentation support ( preparation of official documents, maintaining database); • Travel support for commercial department team (tickets and hotel booking, visa support and reporting). Accomplishments: • Participation in successful creation of new sales support department Sales Back Office (participating in internal audit, support in process-mapping, allocating resources and finalizing procedures); • Commercial contract flow improvement (optimization of internal and external communication, time rate improvement from 10 to 5 days); • Employee Recognition Award (August 2011 г.).
University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
Знание иностранных языков
Свободный, устный и письменный
Знание профессиональных терминов
Свободный, устный и письменный
Профессиональные навыки
CRM; Due Diligence; Excellent communication skills - both written and verbal; Experienced in support and coordination of work processes and work teams; Full document flow support; Good data handling skills: collection, analysis, visualisation of information; High level of accuracy and attention to detail; KPI analysis and reporting; MS Office; Mac Os; Proven record of process mapping and optimization of process key indicators; Quick learner.
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