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Резюме Video Journalist, Freelance Journalist, Продюсер, Корреспондент, Телевидение, PAY TV, Mediajobs.ru
(12 мая 1987)
Гражданство: Россия
Желаемая должность и зарплата

Video Journalist, Freelance Journalist, Продюсер, Корреспондент

120 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 7 лет, 6 месяцев
Март 2012 — по настоящее время
TVCentre (4th main federal channel in Russia, Moscow)
Телевидение, PAY TV

Special reporter (education, transport, society)
Shooting, writing and editing stories related to education, health, transport, society, city etc monitoring news and conducting special reports on it (15 min) story pitching conducting 2-3 special reports for month interviewing experts voicing and stand-ups
Август 2011 — Февраль 2012
7 месяцев
Ivan Usachev Studio (Russia, Moscow)
Телевидение, PAY TV

Chief-producer (entertainment)
Working with anchorman - writing leads working with correspondents from different regions in Russia, CIS and Europe generating and executing creative, interactive and informative stories producing marketing and promotional material for the online publication, downloading videos in social nets, communicating with an audience
Январь 2011 — Июнь 2011
6 месяцев
Mainstream TV (Russia, Moscow)
Телевидение, PAY TV

TV reporter/producer
Making documentary films “Secrets of the world with Anna Chapman” for REN TV and for other channels (TV Centre, TNT) producing stories from different regions in Russia staging, making experiments with celebrities
Октябрь 2010 — Январь 2011
4 месяца
NTV (one of 3 main federal channel in Russia, Moscow)
Телевидение, PAY TV

TV reporter (criminal)
Developing and maintaining close and reliable contacts with law enforcement and government officials to regularly producing story leads researching for exclusive information working with spy camera reporting on the riots in Moscow (december 2010)
Октябрь 2009 — Сентябрь 2010
1 год
100 TV (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
Телевидение, PAY TV

TV reporter
Making TV reports, with my voice and my stand-ups monitoring newsroom radios and consistently identified breaking criminal news making connection with City Hall and criminal investigators, experts to have an exclusive information first then other media contacting victims of crime and persons who may have a news story following up leads for potential new stories
Siberian Institute of International Relations and Regional Studies (Novosibirsk)
With honours
Повышение квалификации, курсы
Siberian Institute of International Relations and Regional Studies (Novosibirsk)
English-Russian translation courses
специальность: With honours

Is going to pass in April
Знание иностранных языков
Свободный, устный и письменный
Профессиональные навыки
Broadcast: Avid Newscutter Final Cut Pro Iphone, spy camera Canon mark II Sound ZOOM H4 XLR WIRELESS TRANSMITTER Computer: Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint Social Media WordPress Language: Native in Russian Upper Intermediate in English (TOEFL) Elementary in French (B1)
Дополнительная информация, личные качества
Volunteer in Gift of Life, Charity Foundation (helping children beat cancer) http://www.giftoflife.eu/who-we-are/ Volunteer Sochi-2014 (Russia) Winter Olympic Games http://www.sochi2014.com/en/ Yoga, travelling, sport, Russian literature, arthouse films (especially american 30-50 XX century)
I am very pleased to recommend my ex-colleague Diana Yunusova for your program. In my capacity as TV-hostess in 100TV («Hronika Proisshestvij», crime news) I had worked with Diana for 1,5 year (2009-2010). Diana calls me her TV-Master, her teacher and to be honest I'm very proud of it. My husband works in the cable television and they had a very small staff. I work for 6 years for one of the largest TV channel n St. Petersburg (100TV, www.tv100.ru). One day he asked me to help a good girl from a province who wanted a job. Diana sent him a resume, but he had no work for her. I was just looking for an assistant. When we met, Diana had a great experience working in print media, but small - on television. She wrote, frankly, very bad texts - newspaper text is fundamentally different than the TV. I could not offer her a job (I found another assistant a little bit later), so I could offer her only training in our Department. Diana very actively started to go with other correspondents to the shooting as a backup and wrote her version of the texts (showed them at first only to me, not the editor). When she learned how to write text and shoot her own stories, we found another problem — her voice wasn't OK and she has a provincial accent. As a person working with a professional voice, I gave her some exercises. But there was little sense. She could not catch the right tone. By the time she was on probation for two months, working for free. I thought that nothing will come of it. She came to the office after her university tired. By the way, I knew that she had another job also — paid, to survive. It was difficult times for her but I still could not help her. But she turned out to be a very aimed, strong person. It's not necessary to tell her something twice. After another two months (she worked for free 4 month in total), she finally got the first salary. Now we were able to offer her paid job position at last. I'm glad I helped her. Because not all of the correspondents who I even helped, became a good one. Diana got it and I feel satisfied. Pace, which she had taken, was very fast - after a while some Moscow tv channels called us and asked about her reports. And then they just offered her a new job. Of course, we really miss her now, but I'm sure she has made the right choice by moving to Moscow. I'm very pleased to recommend Diana to this internship as a talented, committed person who never sits, always moves forward. So I was not surprised when she decided to get an international experience. She says that I am her Master, her teacher, but I think that in a few years she will be a teacher hereself. Sincerely, Gulya Kudusova TV-hostess and editor-en-chief, local channel in Saint-Petersburg «100TV» www.tv100.ru http://www.tv100.ru/people/view/16/ +79500430364 I am very pleased to recommend you my correspondent Diana Yunusova. In my capacity as main film director in TV Centre (program «Our Moscow») I have worked with Diana for one year. As a correspondent Diana shows very strong writing skills. She always knows what she is going to shoot — she can ask the right questions and rely only on verified information. It is very simple to work with her. When she came to our office she did not have enough experience to work with special report — she hadn't worked in such format before — 7,5 minutes and 15 minutes. But she easily learned how to navigate in the news environment and quickly adapts to the new format. Two weeks were enough for her to work in the same level with other correspondent. TV show in which we operate, has strict requirements. We don't make just news stories, we make special reports. It means that we need to explore one topic from different sides, to listen to different speakers. The average age of our correspondents - 35. To be honest, at first we feared that Diana in her 25 years cannot survive this format. Still, the special correspondent must be able not only to write news, but operate his or her background, to have a broad outlook and be well-read. However, we decided to give her a chance, seeing her determination and desire to learn new things. And don't regret about it.What I like about young correspondents, and Diana in particular, is that they are very easily taught. Diana always asks for opinions from the editor, director, or more experienced colleagues if she has any doubts at work. I think she is very perspective young professional. Her advantage is that she is actively working with social media and finds some amazing life stories from there. Not all of our 35 years old correspondents are able to do that. During a year of work in our team Diana has achieved an amazing success — sharpened her writing skills and learned how to make a really interesting report. I like Diana not only for that. She is very open, friendly with people.. She is very well-rounded and educated, She is the first person from whom I ask, what movie to watch and what book to read. I could continue on with more details, but will instead simply say, that I really respect her and wish her to get this Fellowship. Sincerely, Tatyana Lebyazheva main film director «Our Moscow», TV Centre tatalebyazheva@gmail.com +7 916 187 2009
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