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Резюме Marketing and business development, Технологии, IT, Веб-разработка, Production: Кино, ТВ, Web, Маркетинг, Исследования, mediajobs.ru
Гражданство: Россия
Желаемая должность и зарплата

Marketing and business development

170 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 6 лет, 5 месяцев
Февраль 2013 — Декабрь 2013
11 месяцев
Quaestor, Moscow/Budapest
Маркетинг, Исследования

Contract Job • Russian market research analysis; • Obtained and prepared all information for the development of Russian-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce; • Developed communication strategy and media plan in cooperation with Hungarian Ministry of Tourism; • Searched for sponsors, potential partners and contractors; • Developed the list of events, including cross-marketing.
Октябрь 2011 — Февраль 2013
1 год, 5 месяцев
Prime Concept
Маркетинг, Исследования

Deputy Director, Marketing and Development Department
• Managed marketing team (12 people); optimized working processes and provided reports; • Identified business opportunities and developed short-term & long-term strategies together with a division leader; • Created an annual planning calendar for all marketing and promotional activities; • Recommended and managed the annual marketing programs budget; • Developed, coordinated and launched new business streams and products; • Managed communication strategy using new and existing tools; • Managed online/digital media planning; • Developed and executed strategic and PR events; • Managed and developed business partners relations; organized cross-marketing events; • Cooperated with CRM development department, worked together with the team on adjusting and optimizing the program to marketing division needs; • Coordinated company’s corporate magazine; • Prepared documents and offers for tenders’ participation; • Developed policies, procedures, and standards; • Managed conflict situations with clients and partners.
Май 2009 — Октябрь 2011
2 года, 6 месяцев
Diners Club International
Маркетинг, Исследования

Deputy Director, Marketing and Development Department
• Prepared short and long-term marketing strategies and programs for products; • Participated in the development of a long-term business plan for Diners Club Russia; • Organized department according to the needs and strategy; • Product management and participation in the development of new products and services: initiated and developed concierge service, attracted new partners for customers loyalty program; • Recommended changes to current product development procedures based on market research and new trends; • Coordinated the launch of the clients’ magazine: worked closely with the publishing house and editorial team, participated in the concept development of the magazine, monitored and approved the content, prepared company related articles, cooperated with the partners on providing articles and advertisement, made sure that the deadlines are being hit; • Managed publicity, promotional and advertising agencies; • Communicated and worked closely with Diners Club International global team; • Managed strong working relationship with and other 70 franchisees and participated in cross border programs; • Planned and organized events (conferences, golf-tournaments); • Monitored and controlled the post PR campaign of the event; • Supported and updated the official web site: content management, news updates, technical support etc.
Октябрь 2008 — Май 2009
8 месяцев
Diners Club International
Маркетинг, Исследования

Senior Marketing Manager
Июль 2008 — Октябрь 2008
4 месяца
Alfa Bank, Moscow
Маркетинг, Исследования

Internal communications specialist, SME Department
• Developed motivation strategy; • Created, designed and delivered monthly news bulletin for department employees; • Wrote and edited internal communications announcements, presentations, and related materials; • Collaborated with human resources department, developed employees database; • Organized corporate activities and events
Ноябрь 2007 — Февраль 2008
4 месяца
Feru Group, Moscow
Финансы, Юристы, Офис

Personal Assistant
• Suppliers management; • Goods movement control; • New suppliers development; • Conducted competitive research analysis; • Assisted in advertising management.
Январь 2005 — Июль 2005
7 месяцев
Independent Media, Sanoma Magazines, Moscow
Пресса, Онлайн СМИ

Assistant of Customer Publishing Department
• Monitored payments of advertising material; • Created and designed department’s media kit; • Controlled relationship with client and supported client base; • Adjustment of contracts, Terms and Conditions; • Carried out duties of a photo editor; • Monitored and analyzed competitive brands.
Budapest Corvinus University
International Economics and European Studies
University of Colorado at Denver
Знание иностранных языков
Свободный, устный и письменный
Базовые знания
Профессиональные навыки
Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, SPSS, IBM Notes, Mac OS X, HTML, 1-C Битрикс
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