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Резюме Технический директор, Системный инженер, IT-директор, Телевидение, PAY TV, mediajobs.ru
(02 сентября 1975)
Гражданство: Греция
Желаемая должность и зарплата

Технический директор, Системный инженер, IT-директор

100 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 20 лет, 5 месяцев
Июль 2010 — по настоящее время
MTV Greece, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon Plus, MTV Plus, Teletime,
Телевидение, PAY TV

Media Group Technical Director
Project management, researching & selection of the new equipment – working with the suppliers & achieving best deals for the company. Technical systems design, selection and integration of broadcast equipment. Supplier downselect ensuring key company milestones on cost reduction are achieved – with strong negotiation skills and communicational techniques. Technical systems installation and configuration. Deliver solutions for any problem on air or longer term fix – ensure no program disruption. Ensuring all the company networks perform satisfactory – providing technical systems support 24x7 Budget preparation and coordination. Managing people, team leading, training personnel, recruiting people. CTO/IT Manager: Design, configuring and managing all company networks. Designing and downselecting technical systems (firewalls, switches, etc). Planning policies and configuring systems.
Март 2005 — Июль 2010
5 лет, 5 месяцев
NETMED/Multichoice NOVA Digital Platform
Телевидение, PAY TV

Operations Manager & Systems Administrator
Broadcast services Department: Technical operations manager and systems administrator. Problem solving 24X7, responsible for 16 on-air channels, production facilities etc, finding solutions even when not at work - from my laptop. Project management, market researching and selection of the new equipment. Budget preparation and coordination. Design configurations and install broadcast , editing & studio equipment. Managing people, team leading, training personnel, recruiting people. Engaging with companies, sales and developers for systems implementation and technical issues. Acknowledged as valuable contribution to the company.
Ноябрь 2009 — Ноябрь 2009
1 месяц
Viacom Networks - REM Concert Greece
Телевидение, PAY TV

Technical Director
Technical systems designing and overseeing a full HD Live Production for Tokio Hotel Concert that broadcasted all over the world in HD and SD, through MTV networks. Design and supervise, OB-Van selection, broadcast technical specifications, technical drawings, backup systems, links, uplinks/SNG.
Май 2008 — Ноябрь 2008
7 месяцев
MTV Greece
Телевидение, PAY TV

Project Technical Director / Manager
Setting-up a full HD channel with HD production studios and HD Virtual Studio - Project management, Technical Systems downselect (market, conceptual to full final drawings design, systems configurations, etc.), personnel recruitment and training.
Ноябрь 2007 — Март 2008
5 месяцев
SBC Athens
Телевидение, PAY TV

Technical Consultant
Upgrade SBC Business Financial & Stock Market channel from analogue to digital & project management for channel branding system that supports multiple xml feeds for real time Stock Market indices from all international Stock Exchange Markets. Technical systems design, market research, final decisions depending on needs. Technical supervising for systems installation, configurations, work-flow design depending on the new needs, personnel recruitment & training.
Февраль 2006 — Февраль 2006
1 месяц
Torino 2006 Winter Olympics
Телевидение, PAY TV

Venue Technical Manager
Torino Olympic Broadcasting Organisation (TOBO) games-time contract. Responsible for all Venue broadcast technical systems installation/operation and personnel.
Апрель 2000 — Март 2005
5 лет
NETMED Multichoice, NOVA Digital Platform
Телевидение, PAY TV

Director - Producer of TVC (Television Commercials and Promo Trailers).
Supersport TV channels Director of promos (from a concept to full production), scene shooting direction, selection of scenes, audio selection and promo editing. Art director at the post production facilities regarding TV commercials and promo on-air look. Editing on Avid Adrenaline & Newscutter, creating graphics on After Effects, Combustion, Photoshop.
Сентябрь 2004 — Сентябрь 2004
1 месяц
Athens 2004 Paralympics Games
Телевидение, PAY TV

Venue Technical Manager
Technical Manager for International Sports Broadcasting (ISB) at Athens 2004 Paralympics Games - OAKA Olympic Complex - Aquatics Stadium
Август 2004 — Август 2004
1 месяц
Athens 2004 Olympic Games
Телевидение, PAY TV

Venue Technical Manager
Technical Manager for Athens Olympic Broadcasting Organisation (AOB) at Softball , Baseball I and II Olympic Stadiums.
Февраль 1998 — Апрель 2000
2 года, 3 месяца
SKAI TV (renamed to ALPHA TV)
Телевидение, PAY TV

Vision Mixer & Director
On air & production - Director and vision mixer at shows & News (also during my military services as part-timer).
EC Council
Знание иностранных языков
Свободный, устный и письменный
Базовые знания
Базовые знания
Профессиональные навыки
A highly qualified manager with experience in blue-chip companies. Strong technical background with excellent logical thinking as well as planning and problem solving skills. Highly motivated and a high flyer, as demonstrated from current position. Trusted to deliver excellence and to enable others to do the same. Engage & inspire the whole organization to achieve company's goals. Respected and understood when doing so. Business aware; applies insights to guide ways of working. Aims to become a valuable contribution to the company and seeks team success. Following CV summarizes part of to date achievements.
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