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Резюме Mass Media / Communication Professional / Marketing, Пресса, Онлайн СМИ, Public Relations, Реклама, Digital маркетинг, SMM, mediajobs.ru
(26 июня 1990)
Гражданство: Россия
Желаемая должность и зарплата

Mass Media / Communication Professional / Marketing

20 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 9 лет, 2 месяца
Май 2013 — по настоящее время
Russian Federal News Portal
Пресса, Онлайн СМИ

Reporter / Journalist
Producing stories and interviews for the website by using various sources (social media and news monitoring, personal contacts), taking photos, videos. Covering many topics: news; items of cultural, sporting or scientific interest; local and national events; politics and business; entertainment, lifestyle and human interest stories. Examples of articles: - Searching interesting topics -http://smartnews.ru/regions/astrahan/7992.html, http://smartnews.ru/regions/astrahan/6941.html, http://smartnews.ru/regions/astrahan / 5052.html, http://smartnews.ru/regions/astrahan/5702.html - Analysis and compilation of information from a variety of sources - http://smartnews.ru/regions/elista/6561.html
Май 2012 — по настоящее время
Web-service about plastic surgery
Digital маркетинг, SMM

Senior Marketing Manager
Public Relations and Marketing: Development of marketing strategies, market analysis, customer acquisition. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Russian analogs of Facebook, Twitter, Live Journal, Forums, Wikis and another). Contacting and developing working relationships with press and bloggers in order to obtain coverage of Internet. Developing and expand a presence across social media channels. Maintaining communication with current and past clients. Creating the brand. Sales and Business Development: Exploring new business opportunities and partnerships, negotiating, attracting and working with customers, conducting market research, and networking. Contacting data providers and purchasing services. Content Management: creating and editing press releases, advertising, reports, product demos, brochures, doing grammar checks, working with and supervising outside writers, copywriting, performing website administrative tasks, and more. Customer Support and Accounting: handling phone calls, emails, and other messages in order to help customers. Content Management http://plastio.ru/ Examples of copywriting - http://plastio.ru/Plasticheskie_operacii/Nogi/X-obraznaja_krivizna.aspx An examples of translation and rewriting English-language publications - http://plastio.ru/Statija.aspx?nazvanie=chetkie-skuly-–-priznak-aristokratizma, http://plastio.ru/Statija.aspx?nazvanie=konicheskaia-forma-grudi---novoe-modnoe-veianie-v-mammoplastike
Январь 2011 — Апрель 2012
1 год, 4 месяца
Astrakhan State Administration
Public Relations, Реклама

Public Relations manager of Vice-Mayor
Promoting Astrakhan government politic of business and investment in international and local media, working with agencies at the local and global levels. Developing and realization media relations plans; creating material to support these plans, including press releases / news and PR editorial. Increase positive media coverage on State administration. Organization of press conferences and speechwriting.
Август 2010 — Декабрь 2010
5 месяцев
Television “Lotus”
Телевидение, PAY TV

Correspondent / Reporter / Journalist
Conducting interviews, gathering information, writing texts under deadline pressure for stories and appearance on camera. Ascertaining community needs and develop fresh news sources. Developing news sources and generating story ideas. Assist with production of the morning newscasts.
Clark University USA
Professional Communication
Astrakhan State University
Information Technologies
Профессиональные навыки
• MS Office Proficient (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Corel Draw • Quick learner • Russian / English Language Translation • Nutrition and Exercise consultant
Дополнительная информация, личные качества
Excellent public relations and interpersonal skills coupled with superb skills in verbal and written communication, planning and organization. Experience in managing and prioritizing multiple tasks and deadlines; ability to handle and be sensitive to multi-cultural differences. Ability to prioritize and effectively work independently and as part of a team. Analytical and logical thinking, drive to succeed, hunger to learn and curiosity.
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