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Резюме PR-менеджер/директор, PR-менеджер/шоу-бизнес, PR-менеджер, PR- менеджер/ внутрикорпоративные коммуникации, Public Relations, Реклама, mediajobs.ru
(05 марта 1982)
Желаемая должность и зарплата

PR-менеджер/директор, PR-менеджер/шоу-бизнес, PR-менеджер, PR- менеджер/ внутрикорпоративные коммуникации

140 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 14 лет, 6 месяцев
Октябрь 2010 — по настоящее время

Marketing Communication Director
Responsibilities: - Management of integrated communication activities consisted of all External Communication and PR, Internal communication and WEB communication; - Implements communication strategy via: o Advertising and media planning o Preparation and production of advertising and promotional materials (adds, films, brochures etc.) o Execution of advertising and promotional actions o PR planning and PR activities (product, corporate) o Organization and management of events (fairs, shows) o Brand (corporate) communication (presentations, brochures) o Trade marketing activities (sales promotions, trade shows, new product launches, etc.) - Measurement of the effectiveness of communication activities - Partnership with outsourcing organizations (agencies, designers, partners) - Collection and analysis of media data, competitors’ communication activities, etc. - Management and coordination of team of communication managers; - Allocate Communication part of marketing annual budget, provide effective planning and ensure effective budget allocation; - Market studies on brand awareness, brand perception, etc. - Cooperation with category marketing, operational marketing, sales. Achievements: -Set up Communication Department from zero (Marketing Communication Manager , Internet Projects Manager) - Organized the road show in 27 cities of Russia (more than 1700 people), PR-support of the show -Set up the Sustainability development project: o Tarkett is member of Green Building Council http://www.rugbc.org/about-rugbc/ o Effectiveness cooperation with St-Petersburg Ecological Union. http://www.ecounion.ru/ru/site.php?&blockType=284#tarkett : participation in combined events, conferences etc. -Developed and introduced the annual Marketing Communication Strategy through: o Media Relations – established and developed effective cooperation with PR-agency, including region mass media (evolution of publications: from 0 up to 65 monthly), build the data base of journalists ~ 300 mass media o Internet – launched forum on site, social media activities, advertising, site modernization o Media Advertising – press with coverage ~ 3 million people, TV-sponsorship -Internal Communications: o Launched the Corporate Magazine to join people from 3 business and production units (more than 1300 people located in Russia): to involve employees in corporate news, politics, business information, brand values, to join them on informal way; o Put in order regular distribution of information letters o Organized the corporate external and internal events (more, than 300 people).
Март 2007 — Октябрь 2010
3 года, 8 месяцев
Groupe SEB

PR- manager Russia and CIS
Responsibilities: - Allocate annual PR and Print Media budget, provide effective planning and ensure effective budget allocation; - All PR-Projects (Russia/CIS) strategic planning, executing and post analysis of effectiveness; - Holding tenders for agencies, briefing & collaboration on the projects (Creative, Media, PR, BTL-agencies, etc.) - Holding TV-projects: “Kulinarny poedinok”, “Snimite eto nemedlenno”. - Analysis the situation on mass media market and Place print-advertising; - Organize monitoring, analysis of all information about SDA market, follow up this data; - Develop and execute Company’s and products’ positive image in all the audience (Russia/CIS) - Maintain and provide the content for corporate sites. - Holding group brand-trainings for all sales team in Russia/CIS (all SEB brands) - Preparing newsletters and all the information from marketing department for giving full informational landscape to employees through the corporate newspaper. - Making strong PR-support in INTERNET, working with bloggers & opinion liders - Anti-crisis PR. Achievements: - Launched PR-office and mass media database in Russia and Ukraine (at the beginning without and then with PR-agency) - Reached the record point in PR-SOV – 45% of all publications in key mass media between all the players of SDA market - Reached the record feedback from press-event – 160 free publications - Created new way and channel of communication Tefal products through the Medical Organizations and Doctors: initiate and developed fruitful cooperation Tefal with NADN (National Association of Nutritionists and Dietitian) in Russia and Ukraine, holding more 12 medical exhibitions in last years (Russia and CIS). - Free of charge PR on TV, RADIO. - Successfully realization several large social charitable projects in collaboration with Moscow Government
Март 2005 — Март 2007
2 года, 1 месяц
Groupe SEB

Responsibilities: - Preparing news releases, announcements and other materials for the press - Building relationship with mass media - Preparing articles, press-releases, press-kits, interviews etc. - Control of all public information: print materials, Internet etc. - Organizing and holding press-conferences, press-tours for journalists, exhibitions, photo-shootings etc. Achievements: - Built from zero mass media database and excellent relations with mass media (more than 180)
Менеджмент, управление конкурентоспособностью компании
Профессиональные навыки
- Builing from zero PR and Communication department including people (selection, teaching and coaching), mass media database, excellent relations with mass media (more than 250) and PR-agency day-to-day working. - Development and realization of Communication Strategy (Corporate and Product): o Analysis of competitors’ communications; o Definition of Target Audiences of communications; o Effectiveness of media and PR-activities tracking. - Allocating Communication budget, provide effective planning and ensure effective budget allocation.
Дополнительная информация, личные качества
Very energetic and positive, persistent and result oriented. Sociable, flexible, enthusiastic, strong initiative, high self-motivation and resolute, responsible and punctual, passion and easiness to learn, excellent communication and presentation skills (both oral and written); ability to multi-task under time pressure, creativity. Analytical thinking. Computer literate. Possibilities for traveling. Married, have a daughter 10 years.
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