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№8740, Последнее обновление: 18 октября 2013
Резюме Creative Producer, Креативный продюсер, Креативный директор/ Creative Group Head, Production: Кино, ТВ, Web, mediajobs.ru
Гражданство: Россия
Желаемая должность и зарплата

Creative Producer, Креативный продюсер, Креативный директор/ Creative Group Head

199 000 руб.
График: Полный рабочий день
Опыт работы 25 лет
Январь 1988 — Декабрь 2012
25 лет
Different locations

Director, Creative producer
Nikolai Shulik, Creative Producer, Director, Host shulik@mail.ru with 20+ years in the field (Cell) +7 963 324 33 55 Relevant Professional Experience 2013 GS Group Creative Director, A2 Advertizing Agency Tricolor TV federal advertizing campaign 2012 Director, Channel 1, Moscow, Russia “Between us girls”, a daily women’s talk show. 2011-2012 Co-Author, Creative Producer and Director, Saint Petersburg, Russia Marriage of Convenience or Wedding Blind, a reality show. I developed an original format for this show. Voice Actor, Neva Film, Saint Petersburg, Russia The Muppets, the part of Miss Piggy. 2002-2011 Director/Producer, Music Videos for various clients Produced and directed music videos for private clients. 2010-2011 Director/Creative Producer, “The Culture” channel, Moscow, Russia Night in the Museum, a weekly game show where five participants solve puzzles to navigate their way through the State Historical Museum. This museum is situated on Red Square. The show premiered on the Culture Channel in January 2011. 2009 Director, “Stream. Psychology 21” Satellite Channel, Russia Travel as a Spiritual Practice, a show analyzing the psychological aspects of the travel adventures of two men who sail around the world in a boat. 2009 Director/Creative Producer, Channel 5, Petersburg, Russia After Death, a weekly talk show exploring mysterious deaths of famous people. With hosts Tatyana Ustinova and Lev Lurye. On this show, I also performed the function of announcer. 2009 Creative Director, Women’s World, HD Satellite Channel, Saint Petersburg, Russia Developed different aspects of programming for this startup station from scratch, including program formats and concepts, program schedule, design, and promo formats. I also voiced all of the promos. 2009 Director, Women’s World, HD Satellite Channel, Saint Petersburg, Russia Three Graces, a woman’s talk show, 24 unique 45-minute programs a month. I developed an original format and concept for this show. 2008 Instructor, Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television Directing Television Programs. Created and taught an advanced qualification course in television program directing for several school sessions. 2008 Voice Actor/Dubber, Neva Film, Saint Petersburg, Russia Lilo and Stitch, played the part of Stitch; The Bedtime Stories, dubbed the part of Skeeter Bronson, originally played by Adam Sandler. 2004-2008 Director/Creative Producer, Channel 5, Petersburg, Russia Life as Life, a weekly talk show exploring daily life with host Tatyana Ustinova, famous writer. Morning in the Big City, a daily, live 100-minute show aired mornings Monday thru Friday. Love is Blind, a reality show with 3 original editions daily over a period of 2 months, ENDEMOL- licensed, produced without a production bible. 2002-2003 Director/Producer and Narrator, ARK-TV, Petersburg, Russia Letter to my Beloved City, 21-part series, each part 39 minutes in length. A look at the lives of famous inhabitants of Petersburg, including Andrei Petrov, Tamara Moskvina, Mikhail Boyarskii, Mikhail Shemiakin, Aleksandr Kushner. Each star is filmed as they ride in an old tram through parts of the city that have meaning for their life, discussing their losses and loves, their successes and failures. Political Commericals, created the concepts for, directed, wrote and staged political ads for various candidates during election time. Public Service Announcements for Petersburg City, created the concepts for, directed, wrote, and staged a series of spots devoted to preventing crime and fires. 2001-2002 Director/Host, Prize Production Company, Petersburg, Russia Television Security Service, directed and hosted a daily 15-minute news magazine focused on crime and social issues. Beyond the Law, directed a weekly 26-minute commentary of high-interest criminal and quasi-criminal behaviors. 1998-2000 Director/Host/Author, Petersburg Channel, Russia Straight Talk, wrote, directed and hosted this talk show aimed at young people. After Yesterday, authored, directed and hosted a cycle of 26-minute journalistic features spotlighting the 80-year anniversary of VLKM, in memory of Victor Tsoi, the sunken submarine Komsomolets. “Modern Talking” in Petersburg, wrote, hosted and directed this documentary film about the music group “Modern Talking.” 1996-1997 Director, Producer, Announcer, Play-TV Russia, Petersburg, Russia Lotto-Bingo, produced and directed a musical lottery game show owned by the Swedish concern Kinnevik. This show was highly appreciated by experts from MTG. 1996-1997 Director, Channel 5, Petersburg, Russia Announcer, voiced commercials and other announcements. 1995 Director, Channel 5, Petersburg, Russia TV Bridge Moscow-Petersburg, a New Year’s Eve live broadcast lasting 6 hours hosted by Kirill Nabutov and Dmitrii Dibrov. 1994-1996 Founder, Program Director, Producer, Director, Channel NBN (National Broadcasting Network), Petersburg, Russia Founder, Broadcast Concept Author, and Program Director, developing original formats and program scheduling. Director of Commercials and Music Videos. Friendly Parties in the Pribaltic Hotel, authored and directed this show involving such participants as music world luminaries Dmitrii Malikov, Igor Nikolaev and the groups Doctor Watson, Bravo, and others. Interviews with various music stars of the Russian stage. 1991-1994 Director, Host, Channel 5, Petersburg, Russia The Good Will Games, broadcast director for this sports event. Tele-Shop, directed the first Russian television shopping show, worked with the renowned host Alla Dovlatova. Branding Spots, produced for Channel 5. Concert Performances, broadcast director for live concerts from various preeminent venues. Find Me. Created the concept for and directed this new style dating game show. Music Videos. 1987 - 1990 Assistant Director, Author, Host, Leningrad TV channel, Leningrad, Russia Commercials, created concepts, wrote, and directed various commercials. Concerts, OB bus director for live concerts from various preeminent venues. Sunday Entertainment Spots, authored, hosted and produced 5-minute entertainment spots aired on Sundays. Political Club. Was a regular contributor to the scripts and filming of this young people’s program. Awards and Recognitions 2012 Nominated for a TEFI Award for Night in the Museum game show 2006 Nominated for a TEFI Award for Morning in the Big City. 2006 A certificate of recognition for the part I played in the development of Channel 5 Petersburg. Other Skill Sets Administrative Fulfilled extensive administrative functions on most projects. Languages Good spoken English; fair written English. Songwriter Have composed and recorded original songs. Poet Have composed poems. These are published on www.stihi.ru and in analects. Mobile Ready to work at various locations around the world. Creative Have created the concepts, both narrative and visual, for virtually all my productions. Education 1997 USTTI, USA Television Courses 1993 Diploma, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical Institute Undergraduate degree
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