Head of the Channel, Pay ТV (Moscow office, London UK based headquarter)


  • Development and management of entertainment pay TV channels
  • Expand the brands in Russia and CIS by overseeing trade and consumer marketing activities, local programming, commissioning and acquisitions
  • Supervision of subcontractors supporting the channels
  • Key representative of the channels, building relationship with external companies
  • Key commercial presenter and negotiator to develop channels position on the local market
  • Researching, developing and driving all long-term strategic ambitions for the TV brands
  • Developing the events to drive local relevance on the channels creating co-operations with entertainment producers centers, clubs or individual artists in order to support this
  • Responsible for looking for new business opportunities and revenue streams and driving all commercial negotiations
  • Overall responsibility for aligning on-screen and off-screen content - on-line editorial control
  • Approval of and creative input into any significant changes to the brand identity
  • Maximize the value of the airtime
  • Researching the market for competitor analysis and using/communicating this research appropriately
  • Coordinating the location agnostic structure, supporting the channel across functions and territories
  • Regular reporting
  • Managing the programming (including on-air) and marketing budget of the channel, preparing estimations and budgets for finance
  • Performing other duties when necessary.


  • Programme planning and production:Wide knowledge in the field of programme planning, distribution, production and broadcasting. Is familiar with putting together promos, grids, programme structures, does understand rating data and show packaging. Has a high sense of style and good taste, knows modern trends.
  • Planning and organizing skills: She/he is familiar with the planning and organizing tools and methods (software, time management...). Can see the whole system of organizing and planning as well as its requirements and resources and can match, document and present them. Is flexible in case of changes, but does not change the plans more often then needed. Is prescient, can first plan then set timelines
  • Foreign language knowledge: Both oral and written English knowledge on a negotiation level, Russia – native level.
  • Creativity: She/he is inspirational, is full of ideas, often has a new idea, is curious, open-minded, likes to discover the world, seeks new experiences, and has a good sense for association and abstraction. She/he wants to create, is happy to create a new show, text, and picture and achieves success with them. Her/his visual culture is well developed, is tasteful, fells her/his own boundaries, but maximizes her/his capabilities, and is teachable. Ability to ‘think outside the box’
  • Communication skills: She/he can communicate efficient and clear, does not hurt the others feelings when sharing information, the required information is transferred fully and in time if needed.
  • People management skills and experience: She/he can manage and lead people, possesses several years of management experience. Is familiar with different management styles and trends, uses at least two of them confidently, can motivate her/his colleagues, keep their performance on a desired level. She/he is part of her/his strong team. She/he has a positive way of thinking, can handle stress, can communicate clearly, is outstandingly responsible, can affect people around her/him easily, people are happy to listen and to follow her/him.
  • Legal knowledge (media: Up-to-date Russian and international legal knowledge in the field of media.
  • Knowledge of the media sector: She/he is familiar with the media market and its participants, the power relations and the applied technologies, has wide range of relationships.
  • Presentation skills.: She/he is both aware of the content and the frame of the presentation, does use several supporting material (sw, excel, etc...). Her/his presentations are enjoyable, interactive, can influence the audience immediately.
  • High level of education : College/university degree in related field


  • Strong negotiating skills
  • Exceptional leadership skills
  • Existing profile within the industry
  • Ability to lead a team
  • Long-term strategic thinking


  • Good compensation package, salary according to qualifications and experience.

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