English-language style editor

Job description:

  • Rossiya Segodnya is one of the most prestigious news agencies in Russia, and every English-language translation we produce must be flawless and reflect the Russian original with an extremely high degree of accuracy. To achieve this objective, style editors must apply their strong English writing skills and knowledge of Russian to ensure that every text is grammatically correct, unambiguous in meaning, and reads like an article originally written in English. The writing style should be similar to that of prestigious English-language news publications, such as the Economist, the New York Times, etc.
  • Working as a style editor provides excellent experience in journalism and opportunity for native English speakers with a strong command of Russian to take their Russian to the next level. Style editors will benefit from on-the-job experience at Russia’s most prestigious news agency, and will become well versed in Russian and international current events. The position also provides an excellent gateway into the world of Russian business and media.


Skills required:

  • Excellent English writing skills, ability to comprehend fully English texts on a wide variety of complex subjects;
  • Strong knowledge of Russian;
  • Ability to edit quickly and under pressure;
  • Flexibility to work in shifts;
  • Due to the nature of journalism, style editors must often work under pressure to edit texts in a timely manner.



  • Salary discussed at the interview;
  • Flexible schedule
  • Skills improvement.


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МИА "Россия сегодня"
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