Coordinator Digital Marketing and Sales / Keeper of the house / Assistant

Looking to do something interesting in life and while you’ve already had some experience, you want to find a place where you can achieve, learn, develop and become not only a professional, but an entrepreneur of sorts, ready for disruption, change, both failure and success?

We are a small Russia based start-up type team in a huge international company working on the very edge of digital and media. Developing new ideas, business models, and products for consumers and driving a business which is growing at hundreds of percent per year.

We are looking for a problem-solver, coordinator, helper and keeper of the house. Someone who is:

  • Organized
  • Sociable and communicable
  • Pro-active
  • Careful and have attention to detail
  • Good, honest in dealing with others
  • Interested in learning and developing
  • Thrifty and caring
  • Multi-tasking (not to mix with suffering from ADD)

Please don’t send CVs if:

  • you don’t have any experience working at all (at least as a volunteer / intern)
  • you don’t fit the above criteria
  • you don’t have good knowledge of Excel / Word
  • you don’t speak English on a good level
  • your studies are purely humanitarian and you are not good in math / statistics / analytics
  • you don’t live in Moscow, Russia

You are more than welcome to send your CV if:

  • you are in the begging of your career
  • you’ve lived in different countries over your lifetime or moved around
  • you are looking for a career in media
  • you have good math scores and can write poetry
  • you like going out with friends, but sometimes can stay in and read a book

If the above is true about you and you are interested in working as part of our team (and you will include the words "Homer Simpson" at the bottom of your cover letterl), send us your CV and let the game begin!

Вакансия находится в архиве.