Online News Editor (English-language)

You are in control.

For the next eight hours, you will make the important decisions at the world’s sharpest major news site.

Does this story deserve coverage? Do I have a fresh take on it? How should the text in front of me be tweaked? What headline will we go with? Where on the front page will I put this article?

You will need a clear head, creativity and formidable stamina.

You have one of the most high-pressure jobs in all of journalism – and this is where you want to be.

The candidate

You possess superb news judgement. You can tell important stories from trivial ones, you know your angles, you told everyone two hours ago that this would go viral later this afternoon. You understand the wider English-language audience, country-specific issues, you get RT’s readers. Your knowledge is broad and constantly renewed. You are an experienced journalist, who’s worked their way up the ladder.

You can keep up with the pace. You will be monitoring information from dozens of different sources. If you miss a major story, it will be on you. When news breaks, you will have seconds to react with the right decision. Throughout the shift you will be handing out assignments, reading texts, and speaking to producers, other editors and the social media team. You can multi-task without being overwhelmed, and your concentration never falters.

You generate ideas. We are an alternative media source. We add value by seeing things through a different lens. Can you read a dozen similar pieces then go in a different direction? Can you pluck an idea that was floating inchoate in the air, and turn it into a hit article? Can you think visually?

You are a sensitive and authoritative communicator. This is a position of leadership and mentorship. You will be dealing with dozens of writers, helping them not only to deliver their best work, but to grow as professionals. You will know how to set tasks clearly and how to give detailed feedback. You are one part of a bigger team all working towards the same goal - listening is as important as making yourself heard.

The role

First preference will be given to Moscow-based candidates, who will work from the newsroom and can communicate in Russian (FLUENT ENGLISH IS OBVIOUSLY A MUST). Opportunities do exist for remote work, and for high-level non-Russian speaking candidates.

This is a full-time position. We operate a variety of schedules. We try to be accommodating, and may ask for a degree of flexibility in return.

Salary is competitive.

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